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This is a bootleg clone of super mario odyssey made for my programing class

Can only be played with an xbox controller

Twitter - @Andre_5

Disclaimer, I am not partnert in any way with nintendo


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Build01.zip 69 MB


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add keyboard support :(


you should make it to either ps4 controllers or keyboard :(


i like that it's 69 megabites


pls add apple :(

yes pls

noice. does this require another something? or is this just executable itself.

it's an executable, just run it and it can be played 🦀


beanio odyessey


computer version?

It's only on Windows (or Linux, if wine works). If you want it on Mac, get Wine and make sure you have macOS 10.14 or below. If you use a Chromebook, the creator needs to make an Android build. Have a good weekend!

ok i got windows but i ment keyboard like can u make a build that works wit da keyboard

i am currently not going to make a keyboard suported version, sorry


Idea: bootleg 3d world

Nice one!

Couldn't get it to work with Switch Pro controller or PS4 controller, sad cuz it looked pretty cool :(

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Oh yeah... Unity only works with controllers the creator says will. You need an Xbox One Wireless Controller. (There is software that will transform one of your controllers into an Xbox One controller controls-wise...)

Can you do a version of this but for mac os please?

If you have macOS 10.14 or below, download Wine from this website. Otherwise, sorry but you can't run it.

windows defender blocked this??

happens sometimes, shouldn't give a problem.

i wanna make a mario odyssey clone but like this i have never been able to pull it off maybe you can be as so kind and lend me the source code i'll give you credit :D

i need a version with all of mario oddysey of this


hey, can i use an xbox 360 controller to play? i'm using a program that transforms wii u controller to xbox 360

I think it should work. Let me know if it works 🦀

i just tested, it doesn't work


Had lots of fun playing this after i remember about crouch jumping :') Was there a way to get in the castle? I never managed to get in haha! Great job though, could've defnitely played more! :) Game play is below if interested

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I saw your tweet, I am glad you liked it 🦀.  And yes,  i absolutly agree it wasn't realy explaind very well what you needed to do (i mean it isn't explaind at all). you can't get into the castel i am very sorry. I made this for my programing class so i foccust manly on mario's behavior. i will apricate it if you put a link to the game in your video description, like that more people can enjoy the game 🦀🦀


thiis looks hilarious im downloading now !


It looks super, but im kind of dissapointed i cant play with keyboard *sad face*


It’s pretty good, the shadows could use a little work and “Mario’s” controls are a bit off but in general its good; I can not find select button on my controller (I’m useing an Xbox One Controller) so I can’t try anymore worlds. ): 5/5 stars

hi, thanks for your comment. i use a xbox one controller as well, the select button is the one with the 3 horizontal lines :


Thanks, I thought it was but I guess my computer must have been being weird